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MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Aluminum1100 H140.0621050
Aluminum2024 H130.152527
Aluminum5056 H320.091683
Aluminum5052 H320.118332
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.058765
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.084 1/4 HD0
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.094 1/4 HD730
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.102 1/4 HD1099
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.105 1/4 HD1458
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.113 1/4 HD2810
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.117 1/4 HD820
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.119 1/4 HD4538
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI.123 1/4 HD6901
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.141 1/4 HD2590
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.152 1/4 HD0
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.180 1/4 HD2109
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.186 1/4 HD836
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.194 1/4 HD702
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI.218 1/2 HD7335
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.221 1/4 HD2039
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.242 1/4 HD5282
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.266 1/4 HD7501
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.299 1/4 HD2446
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.313 1/4 HD434
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.350 1/4 HD10105
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.365 1/4 HD0
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.406 1/4 HD4654
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.430 1/4 HD5437
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.440 1/4 HD1706
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.540 1/2 HD0
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.064 1/2 HARD1414
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.102 1/4 HD1099
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.105 1/4 HD1458
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.113 1/4 HD2810
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.117 1/4 HD820
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.141 1/4 HD2590
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.186 1/4 HD836
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.221 1/4 HD3117
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.299 1/4 HD2446
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.350 1/4 HARD10105
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.365 1/4 HARD0
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.406 1/4 HD4654
Copper110 Bar.125 X .125 SEH2444
Copper110 Bar.125 X 1.125 SEH21063
Copper110 Bar.125 X .622 SEH919
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 RE H630606
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 SE H40
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 SE H60
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 TP H20
Copper110 Bar.187 x 1.00 TPSE H415695
Copper110 Bar.187 X 1.125 SEH41056
Copper110 Bar.187 x 1.50 TPSE0
Copper110 Bar.1875 x .875 SE H40
Copper110 Bar.188 x .100 SE H47515
Copper110 Bar.188 x 1.125 RE H63745
Copper110 Bar.188 X 1.2500
Copper110 Bar.188 x 1.750 REH0
Copper110 Bar.188 x 2.50 RE H21334
Copper110 Bar.250 X .100 TPS15881
Copper110 Bar.250 X .100 SEH7404
Copper110 Bar.250 X .1625 FREH14053
Copper110 Bar.250 X .149 SEH14566
Copper110 Bar.250 X .1625 SEH3076
Copper110 Bar.250 X 1.125 SEH0
Copper110 Bar.250 x 1.25 SE H43329
Copper110 Bar.250 x 1.50 TPSE H40
Copper110 Bar.250 X 200 FREH5567
Copper110 Bar.250 X 200 TPSE3493
Copper110 BAR250. x 200 SEH43139
Copper110 Bar.250 x 3.00 TPSE H40
Copper110 Bar.250 x 400 TPSE0
Copper110 Bar.250 X 4 TPFRE4321
Copper110 Bar.250 X 400 SE H041440
Copper110 Bar.250 x 6 TPFRE7157
Copper110 Bar.312 X 1.105 SEH1082
Copper110 Bar.375 x 1.00 TPSE H41149
Copper110 Bar.375 X 1.50 SE H41904
Copper110 Bar.375 X 175 SEH0
Copper100 Bar.375 X 200 Se H13776
Copper110 Bar.375 X 2 FREH03133
Copper110 Bar.375 X 400 SEH1327
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Brass260 3/4 HARD CHQ.1620
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0502090
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.057620
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.064282
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.072881
Brass260 HARD TEMPER.0800
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.084836
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0881983
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0911438
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0933697
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0951994
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1051115
Brass260 HARD TEMPER.1050
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1143986
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.118254
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1252065
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.128398
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1315799
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1392556
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1406233
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1451919
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1482771
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1521145
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1585001
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.16613064
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1732580
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1802708
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ.1832581
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1853142
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1881995
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.198695
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2123065
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2216753
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2276406
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ.2427386
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.246418
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2710
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2792645
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ.280280
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3052855
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3181001
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3283323
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3403561
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3664125
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.388704
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.4471222
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.547909
Brass260 1/4 HARD CHQ0.0491250
Brass260 1/4 HARD CHQ0.1391496
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ.084769
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.086641
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0880
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.094550
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1171468
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.123492
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1291528
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1332556
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1392864
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1412910
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1440
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1481833
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1523606
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1583960
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.162361
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1661916
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1800
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1873667
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2124555
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2425003
Brass270 1/4 HARD CHQ0.0571030
Brass270 1/4 HARD CHQ0.1449815
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.091444
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.187250
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.250622
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.3111502
Brass270 1/2 HARD CHQ0.3421355
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

Metal TypeAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Silicon Bronze6510.114 1/4 hd0
Silicon Bronze6510.139 1/2 hd3303
Silicon Bronze6510.145 1/4 hd1783
Silicon Bronze6510.158 1/2 hd1086
Silicon Bronze6510.166 1/2 hd467
Silicon Bronze6510.178 1/2 hd 0
Silicon Bronze6510.183 1/2 hd844
Silicon Bronze6510.212 1/4 hd607
Silicon Bronze6510.212 1/2 hd0
Silicon Bronze6510.221 1/2 hd7025
Silicon Bronze651.271 1/2 HD104
Silicon Bronze651.328 1/2 HD4805
Silicon Bronze651.350 1/2 HD4157
Silicon Bronze651.364 1/4 HD8342
Metal TypeAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Stainless Steel302 HQ Copper Coat.0721664
stainless Steel302 HQ Copper Coat.0820
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat.0948376
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1003456
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1050
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1107936
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1131475
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1173223
Stainless Steel302 HQ Copper Coat.1181832
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.11914981
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1226501
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.123341
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.12516198
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1313335
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1399893
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.15121694
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1580
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1664956
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.17633939
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.18022896
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1825723
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.18824948
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1988546
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2007013
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.20482
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2120
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.21526148
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat.2221147
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.22839010
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat.2364242
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.24214599
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2460
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat.25537210
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.27211198
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2790
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2859943
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.291395
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.31513034
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.32812741
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3320
Stainless Steel302 HQ Copper Coat.3461925
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.35021338
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.387444
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.4680
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.0401674
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.0824782
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0850
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.09069694
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0992800
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic.1020
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic.1030
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1058963
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1103879
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.11816068
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.12511687
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1289656
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic.1303057
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1310
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1321752
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.14013204
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.1436555
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.14416928
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1510
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1521257
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.15810188
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1624271
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1661757
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic.17013955
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.17314790
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1805672
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.18210095
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1861620
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.1882819
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1920
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2007213
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.212414
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2152946
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.21816743
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.221380
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.22522969
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.22615231
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2420
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2430
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.24613248
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic.2496144
Stainless Steel302hQ Non Metallic.25516477
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2704024
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2811515
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2911499
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.30510410
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3282832
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3461949
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3901904
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.4530
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.4607890
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic.4740
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.5150
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.54511069
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.5910
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.6851073
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic.6920
Stainless Steel305 Copper Coat0.1231148
Stainless Steel305 Copper Coat0.2421016
Stainless Steel305 Copper Coat0.2476114
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.053199
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.123688
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic.1340
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic.1460
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic.1710
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat.180952
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat.2650
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat.3504804
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.031977
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.035797
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.0401825
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.0482796
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.056975
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.0653373
Stainless Steel314 Non Metallic.076441
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0781148
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.0841017
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.085775
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.0953274
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.102680
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.124752
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1272466
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1343448
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.13917910
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1493879
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1521846
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1531796
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1555058
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1599505
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1666512
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1711000
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.176785
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.2127490
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.242286
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.2703306
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.3123419
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.3940
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.4606439
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1051958
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.11011178
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1154738
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.1184471
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1289357
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.132269
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1391932
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.14746414
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1523498
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.15818952
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.1662650
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.1700
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.17646256
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.18825455
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.21213500
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2262532
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.242988
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2550
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.2782169
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.2857807
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.305921
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat.3142419
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.3502201
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.091801
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1131510
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1320
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1372165
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.139941
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.155401
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1581341
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1662995
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1850
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1881055
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1900
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1920
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.242988
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.3001026
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.057896
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.0841478
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.106980
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.117984
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1402253
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1484325
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.1660
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.18021291
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.183112
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.1843961
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.20018978
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.2054192
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.2110
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.2221804
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.24233265
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.3210
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.3281691
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat.4791499
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.057356
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1135596
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1186938
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1241279
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.140925
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1502629
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1804260
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.2421547
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.32812661
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1055637
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1100
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.13211345
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.14812128
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1581318
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1763862
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.2122231
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.2287041
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.2793703
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.3061698
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly.3350
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly.3669964
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly.4192925
Stainless Steel302 HQ Copper Moly.42210336
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.492752
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.5503868
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.6400
Stainless Steel305 Copper Moly0.133332
Stainless Steel410 Copper Moly0.1623419
Stainless Steel410 Copper Moly0.1761217
Stainless Steel410 Copper Moly0.4531588
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.101283
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.118893
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.265591
Stainless Steel302 Copper Coat.335867
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.0351299
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.0403672
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.0483431
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.0561058
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.05910580
stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.0600
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.0651642
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.076786
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.095271
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.1052007
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.1030
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.121398
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.1300
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1340
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.14117458
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.3431931
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.4130
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic.420756
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly.1051714
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1242538
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly.1481124
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1520
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly.1761119
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly.2280
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly0.1101443
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly0.2042823
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly.4060
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met.218 (5.5 MM)15234
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met.256 (6.5 MM)6805
Stainless Steel302 HQ Rod UnCoated.25610258
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Copper Coat0.236 (6mm)869
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.295 (7.5MM)0
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.3152568
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.354 (9MM)9007
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.374 (9.5mm)13818
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.218 (5.5mm)14454
Stainless Steel304 L Rod UnCoated.218 (5.5mm)7635
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.236 (6mm)6329
Stainless Steel304L Uncoated.23625395
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.256 (6.5mm)3957
Stainless Steel304L Uncoated.25621140
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.276 (7mm)3269
Stainless Steel304L Uncoated0.27644674
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.295 (7.5mm)16817
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.315 (8MM)33676
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.335 (8.5mm)7731
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.354 (9mm)44178
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.394 (10mm)775
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.413 (10.5mm)0
Stainless Steel316L Rod Non Met.2188372
Stainless Steel316L Rod UnCoated.21817275
Stainless Steel316L Rod UnCoated.25612912
Stainless Steel316L Rod UnCoated.27610650
Stainless Steel316L Rod Non Met.2762934
Stainless Steel316L Rod Uncoated.37412955
Stainless Steel430 Rod Non Met0.2562004
Stainless Steel410 Rod Non Met.2180
Stainless Steel410 Rod Non Met0.295 (7.5mm)10658
Stainless Steel410 Rod Uncoated0.29510499
Stainless Steel410 Rod Non Met0.354 (9mm)8153
Stainless Steel410 Rod Copper Coat.35436805
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.08013752
Stainless Steel304 1/8 HARD EPQ0.0935280
Stainless Steel304 1/8 HARD EPQ0.1253426
Stainless Steel304 1/8 HARD EPQ0.1880
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0625437
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0883313
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0910
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1052855
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.12017963
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1357695
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.156593
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ.1629327
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1779913
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ.1869884
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1875031
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1921756
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2075133
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2185777
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.25016841
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2723340
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2952330
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.3060
Stainless Steel304 1/4 Hard EPQ.3128115
stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ.0414892
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ0.1413093
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ.1862764
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ0.1870
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ0.2504100
Stainless Steel316 1/4 Hard EPQ.1625478
Stainless Steel410 Rod Copper Coat0.35436805
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

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11628 Fairgrove Industrial Blvd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043

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Our Products

  • Cold Heading Wire
  • Spring Wire
  • Resistance Wire
  • Shaped
  • Forming & EPQ
  • Rod
  • Bar

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