Monarch Metals, Inc. supplies cold heading wire in a variety of alloys, including stainless steel, copper and copper alloys, nickel, and aluminum. For more information on any of these alloys, choose from the list below.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel alloys offer resistance to corrosion, staining and rusting while maintaining formability. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and durable and is used in a variety of industries, including consumer products, construction, automotive and transportation.

Diameter: 0.010” – 1.00”

Copper & Copper Alloy

Copper and Copper alloys are resistant to corrosion, ductable, non-magnetic and excellent conductors, for both electrical and thermal needs.  Copper and copper alloys are used for electrical purposes in a range of industries, including automotive, plumbing, industrial, and consumer goods.

Diameter: 0.001” – 1.00”

Nickel Alloy

Nickel alloys retain strength even under a variety of extreme conditions, including high temperatures, and are resistant to corrosion. Nickel-based alloys are typically used in medical products, aircraft gas turbines and chemical industries alike.

Diameter: 0.001” – 0.500”

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum alloys provides a light-weight, flexible product that still maintains a resistance to corrosion, durability and conductivity. Aluminum alloys are ideal for use in the automotive industry, as well as in household wiring.

Diameter: 0.037” – 0.750”

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